New Vision Centers Established = More Sight Restored 

A Vision Center is a permanent, local establishment equipped to meet 80% of all eye care needs. Set up in primarily remote communities, they are a beacon of light for those with limited access to vision care. These centers support the local economy, often expanding job opportunities for women and underserved populations. 

We are thrilled to share that 33 new Vision Centers were inaugurated across Bangladesh and India in the past few months. 

Inauguration day is a significant feat for all those involved in bringing these Centers to life and is often attended by local dignitaries. After the inauguration, awareness meetings are conducted and attended by the public, where they receive education on common eye problems and the importance of timely treatment to preserve sight. Community members can also have their vision screened & receive on-site treatment or referral for additional care. 

In addition, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new ENVISION project, jointly sponsored by Seva and Standard Chartered Bank. This innovative program aims to establish 65 new Vision Centers and bring critical eye care to an additional 4 million people in India who otherwise would not have access. 

Over the last year alone, Seva-supported Vision Centers have created access to eye care for more than 6.4 million people globally. We are excited to see how all of these new Vision Centers will continue to impact communities in the best way. 

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