I’ll Take Seva Trivia for 1,000, Ken.

Photo of Savitri Joshi by Joe Raffanti.

Get your buzzer finger ready as we play a game of Seva trivia. With 45-plus years, 20 countries, and 57 million people served, we’ve got some history! Test your arcane knowledge in our quiz on the programs, solutions, and people that help make the joy of transforming lives by restoring sight possible. 

Ready? Let’s get to it.

#1. Which artist headlined Seva’s first-ever benefit concert in 1979?

Grateful Dead! While all of these musicians have lent their talents and heart to Seva over the years, the Grateful Dead played Seva’s first benefit concert in Marin County, California on December 26, 1979. “Over the years the Grateful Dead and extended family have had the opportunity to profoundly benefit millions of people around the world through Seva’s sight programs,” – Bob Weir, Seva Honorary Board Member.

#2. Last year, Seva celebrated the 40th anniversary of its landmark Blindness Survey. Which country was this survey conducted in?

Nepal! Last year, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Nepal Blindness Survey, which proved cataracts as the leading cause of blindness and changed the course of global eye care forever. We released a specially reissued digital version of the survey with new data that confirms the backlog of cataract cases from the 70s has been successfully cleared.

#3. Fill in the blank: New research from Seva, published in the WHO Bulletin, proves that every $1 invested in eye health returns $___ in benefits across society.

$36! How much does a dollar buy? Turns out, a lot! Every dollar invested in eye health returns $36 in benefits across society, be it better learning, higher income or improved productivity. In fact, donors can do 6X more good by investing in eye health compared to a typical investment across all of global development. Learn more.

#4. Seva means:

Selfless Service and Society for Epidemiology and Voluntary Assistance! According to our beloved co-founder Ram Dass, the original name SEVA was an acronym for “Society for Epidemiology and Voluntary Assistance” but Seva actually means “selfless service” in Sanskrit and was organized with that as the guiding principle (and official meaning). See the Ram Dass video here.

#5. What’s the most tax-efficient way to support Seva?

Trick answer, all of the above! There are so many ways to support Seva and save on your taxes — but there may be one way that’s best for you! Many Seva supporters give non-cash assets (including IRA gifts, Donor-Advised Fund grants, stock gifts, or cryptocurrency gifts) to make a difference. See our tax-smart ways to give here.



A bonafide Seva expert! Your support means we are on the way to ending avoidable blindness in this lifetime. Feeling inspired? Learn more and support Seva.

Now you know Seva inside out! Thanks for all you’re doing to help spread the word about our mission! Feeling inspired? Learn more and support Seva.

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