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Foundacion Vision Mobile Vision Center in Peru.

Restoring sight looks different in every area. No two communities, geographies, or cultures are the same – we work closely with local partners to understand what prevents people from accessing eye care and what we can do about it. 

Vision Centers (VCs) are one way we achieve this. These local establishments are equipped to meet 80% of all eye care needs, and refer patients who require more specialized care to a partner hospital. In the past five years, through your support, we’ve established 139 VCs in remote areas of the world, creating life-changing access to eye care for millions along the way. Read below for four different types of VCs:

Eye care for women, by women 

55% of people who live with vision loss are women and girls – in developing countries, women are less likely to access eye care services, often due to lower income and fewer travel options. Enter Pink Vision Centers. Employing an all-female staff, these VCs train female community health workers to conduct door-to-door screenings, provide care, refer those in need of services to the VC, and raise awareness about eye health among women. 

Pink Vision Center
Darjeeling Pink Vision Center in West Bengal, India.

Eye care on the go 

Can’t get to us? We’ll get to you. Mobile Vision Centers started in 2020 amidst the pandemic, providing ophthalmic care on-the-go to those who couldn’t travel to hospitals due to travel restrictions or who live in hard-to-reach locations. Patients in need of advanced care or a specialized surgery are referred to a physical VC or base hospital. 

Mobile Eye Care
Visualiza Mobile Vision Center in Guatemala.

Training makes it possible

In many communities, the demand for eye care services outpace the number of eye care personnel available. Tiered-community Vision Centers bridge this gap. They are run by a team of nurses led by an ophthalmic clinical officer who undergoes three years of specialized training. Officers can diagnose and treat the majority of patient cases, referring only the most complex cases to the limited number of ophthalmologists available. 

Tiered Community Vision Center
Clinique De l’Oeil Tiered Community Vision Center in Burundi.

Comprehensive care for all 

Comprehensive Vision Centers are the one-stop shop for all things eye care. These VCs have a team of medical officers, nurses and staff who conduct weekly eye camps, have an in-house pharmacy and glasses-making facilities, and select surgical facilities. An operation of this size is the best way to reach as many people as possible in need of eye care, especially in “health care deserts,” where access to care is limited or non-existent. 

Gaibandha Comprehensive Vision Center
Gaibandha Comprehensive Vision Center in Bangladesh.

Help us maximize the impact of VCs and create access to eye care for thousands more. Planned giving ensures that your gift is used to expand our portfolio of eye care interventions, like VCs, and serve communities most in need for generations to come. Learn how you can create an estate plan and add Seva to it in just 20 minutes through our partner FreeWill. 

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