Seva Partners Use Data to Strengthen Eye Care

Photo: Seva partners participating in the Evidence-Informed Practice workshop in Hyderabad, India.
Photo above: Seva partners participating in the Evidence-Informed Practice workshop in Hyderabad, India

Since its founding, one of Seva’s guiding principles has been sensitivity to the culture and norms of the communities we serve. Research staff, consultants, and volunteers work directly with Seva partner eye hospitals to understand, at a root level, the systems unique to that facility.

To that end, Seva, along with Seva Canada and the Indian Institute of Public Health, conducted The Evidence-Informed Practice Workshop with eight Seva partner eye hospitals (four in Nepal, four in India). During this eight-month workshop, participants learned how to apply a quality improvement method to service delivery issues.

Using the data they’d gathered from their own hospitals, participants addressed practical priorities including: 

  • Understanding and increasing the patients’ acceptance rate of eyeglasses;
  • Streamlining referral of patients examined at community vision centers who are recommended to get care at the base hospital;
  • Enhancing patient adoption of recommended cataract surgery;
  • Ensuring the precision and completeness of data;
  • Promoting increased utilization of teleconsultation services.

Teams worked across hospital departments to identify ways to build continuous improvement into their ongoing service delivery.

Learn more about Seva’s evidence-based research to build sustainable eye care systems.

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