Donor Shout-Outs – Spring 2024

Yoga session for Sight participants photo
Photo above: Yoga session for Sight participants.

This Warrior is No Poser

Caroline Queener makes the mission real

Seva friend and yoga practitioner Caroline Queener photo
Photo above: Seva friend and yoga practitioner Caroline Queener.

No matter how bendy, balanced, or breath-centered one might be, yoga is a challenge. So imagine flowing into a strong reverse warrior-only doing it blindfolded. 

That’s what 17-year-old Caroline Queener asked of her students when she led 22 young women in a Yoga for Sight event last fall. “The first half was learning with our sight and the second half was blindfolded to simulate the loss of vision,” said Caroline. “It was much more difficult without the sense of vision.”

In addition to leading the awareness-raising class, Caroline raised money online for Seva through JustGiving. She has a vision for her future as well, studying neuroscience with a pre-optometry track. “This path will allow me to further my project impact and continue to reduce poverty through my own ‘compassion in action.’  

Linda Rice Listens and Gives Back

Creating a legacy of eye care

Linda Rice transforms wheat into art photo
Photo above: Linda Rice transforms wheat into art.

More than 40 years ago, Linda Rice tuned in to the beauty of South Dakota’s wheat fields during her summer breaks from teaching and began crafting ornaments inspired by her strong Scandinavian community.

Linda’s been selling her crafts at the Piedmont Church Alternative Giving Market for the past 20 years. As her skill and sales grew, so did her passion for making a positive difference. Linda’s been a dedicated Seva supporter since 2008.

Linda shares the love in other ways, too. Recognizing her talent, a rural church encouraged Linda to share her skills by teaching a class, fostering a creative community. Linda lives by the motto, “Give your talents when you’re inspired,” a philosophy that reflects her commitment to using her creativity for a meaningful cause.

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