Donor Shout-Outs – Spring 2023

To know Terrie Velasquez is to know goodness

In the early 70s, a series of experiences – from  reading Ram Dass’s “Be Here Now,” to being a fan of The Grateful Dead, to learning about Wavy Gravy – led Terrie Velasquez to Seva. She’s a firm believer in giving back to communities, and for her, the stars aligned with Seva.  

“I knew that Seva worked in many countries, and I knew Seva held many of my own personal values. SEVA = selfless service.” 

Terrie’s been a committed monthly donor for many years, supporting sight-restoring interventions around the world. “Seva provides varying levels and types of eye care from Guatemala to India to indigenous peoples of the contiguous United States and Alaska. I wanted to support that organization!” When she’s not busy rocking her Seva hat and t-shirts, she spends time with her beautiful family and seven loving grandchildren. 

Terrie Velasquez

 “I believe that a goodness given to any one person on our planet is now a goodness for all to share.”

Terrie Velasquez

Once a Seva supporter, always a Seva supporter

Sharon Hansen has worn a lot of hats throughout her life – social worker, restaurant chef, teacher, caregiver, nursery manager, and many more. 

But there’s one hat that Sharon never took off – a Seva supporter. She first learned about Seva through her time spent with the Buddhist community and was motivated to support the organization after seeing Ram Dass and Wavy Gravy’s involvement. In 1993, she made her first donation to Seva (and continues to do so!) For a number of years, she sent Seva Christmas donation cards to her grandchildren to teach them about the power of generosity. 

Thank you, Sharon, for all the light you bring into this world!

Sharon Hansen

“The quickness and ease of restoring sight when you have the funds and trained people to do so was a big factor in choosing to support Seva, as that is a lasting, major way to improve a person’s ability to survive difficult conditions and even to thrive.”

Sharon Hansen

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