Conversations with Kate – In Service of Bangladesh: This Time Through Sight

A virtual conversation with Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus and Seva Foundation’s Executive Director, Kate Moynihan

Professor Yunus & Seva’s History

Seva shares special history with Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, as a supporter, ambassador, and our first partner in Bangladesh. Since 2006, we’ve worked together to establish hospitals, perfect our training programs, and establish sustainable systems of eye care throughout the country that reach millions. 

Seva in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, 7.65 million people live with moderate to severe vision impairment and 972,000 people live with blindness. These people often live in rural areas, making access to eye care difficult and out-of-reach. Addressing the needs of this population is a core priority of Seva. 

Since 2006, we’ve worked with ten partner eye hospitals and supported the establishment of 12 Vision Centers throughout Bangladesh. Last year, 392,105 people received Seva-supported eye care services in Bangladesh. 

We plan to establish 7 new Vision Centers in the country, creating access to eye care for an additional 700,000 people. These local permanent establishments can address up to 80% of all eye care needs, making eye care accessible to all. 

Make a donation to Seva & help bring these Vision Centers to life!

Patient Story

6-year-old Samiul lived with vision problems for two years. He could not see things clearly from a distance, struggling with his homework, being able to see the blackboard, and playing with his friends. It affected not just him, but his parents as well – they needed to be with him constantly, making it difficult to work and earn a living. 

Samiul visited our partner Grameen GC Eye Hospital in Bangladesh, where his vision was checked and received a sight-saving cataract surgery. Today, he can move without help, play with friends, attend school, and most importantly, be a kid. You made all the difference for Samiul and gave him the bright future he deserves!

Samiul visiting Seva partner Grameen GC Eye Hospital in Bangladesh

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